Water Turbines

Water Turbines


Our company has been working more than 30 years in the engineering, installation, maintenance and repair for water powered stations featuring FRANCIS, KAPLAN, PELTON and CROSSFLOW type turbines.

If you are interested in purchasing a new turbine or reconditioning your hydraulic power station please send us an email to metalriba(at)metalriba(dot)com with your company’s details and technical specifications. We will submit our questionnaire in order to advise what the best options are.


Repair of hydroelectric power stations.
Industrial maintenance of hydraulic power stations.


Calculus for obtaining the maximum electrical yield.
Assembly and disassembling of machinery.
Axis recovery and manufacturing.
Facing of covers, bridles and housings.
Recovery of antifriction bearings, white metal or bronze.
Special tow fibers for mechanic enclosure.
New axial and radial bearings design.
Axial change of bearings or bearings by combination.
Repair and manufacturing of aspiration tubes.
Pressure pipes manufacturing.
Reconditioning of fixed and directive blades.
Repair of all sort of valves.
Repair of floodgates and automatization systems.
Repair of injectors for PELTON type turbines.
Repair of fixed propellers for KAPLAN type turbines.
Repair of mechanical regulators (hidraulic oil).


Scheduled checkings of the power plant.
Lubrication levels control.
Temperatures control.
Central operation control.
Data control at distance.
Cleaning and adjustment of the power plant.
Lubrication and lubricant replacement (established timing previously set).
Painting and maintenance of the outer areas.
Cleaning of sandboxes and water channels.


These are some of the projects that we have been involved with:

Cliente Tipo de Turbina Potencia Instalada
C.H. Almenar 1x Kaplan horizontal 200 kW.
C.H. Campdevànol 1x Francis cámara abierta 200 kW.
C.H. Monistrol de Calders 1x Francis tubería forzada 40 kW.
C.H. Sant Antoni Rialp 1x Francis tubería forzada 200 kW.
C.H. Sort 1x Francis tubería forzada 150 kW.
C.H. Tregurà 1x Pelton 3.000 kW.
Colonia Valls 1x Francis 400 kW.
Colonia Vidal 1x Francis 400 kW.
Colonia Sadó 1x Francis tubería forzada 1.500 kW.
Triplasa 1 1x Francis horizontal 200 kW.
Triplasa 2 1x Francis de doble rodete 500 kW.
Triplasa 3 1x Kaplan vertical 800 kW.
La Farga de Bebié 1 1x Kaplan 600 kW.
La Farga de Bebié 2 3x Francis 1.000 kW.
Fil Pur 1x Francis 140 kW.
Hilaturas Callús 1x Francis 100 kW.
Hilaturas Casals 2x Francis 200 kW.
Hilaturas LLaudet 2x Francis 400 kW.
Hilaturas La Pobla de Lillet 2x Francis 200 kW.
Hilados Rusiñol, S.A. 1x Francis horizontal
1x Francis vertical
500 kW.
La Sèquia de Manresa 1x Francis tubería forzada 100 kW.
Papelera Guarro Casas S.A. 1x Francis 100 kW.
Can “Poc-oli” 1x Francis de doble rodete 100 kW.