Diesel & Gas Engines

SERVICES FOR ENGINES & GENERATOR SETS - Installation. - Maintenance. - Repair. - Overhauling. - Reconditioning. - OEM Spare Parts supply. - Trading of used gensets. GENERATOR SET MAINTENANCE Lubrication oil analysis (scheduled weekly or monthly) according to the engine manufacturer. Fuel analysis before and after the purification process. Injectors. Filters replacement. Set of tappets for adjustment. Crank flexions. Disassembling and cleaning of water purifiers for oil and fuel. Viscometers checking. Exhaust gas analysis. Temperature Control. - Air feeding. - Exha...

Industrial Repair

REPAIR OF SPECIFIC MACHINERY AS: - Combustion engines (from 30 cv up to 16,000 cv) - Electrical 3-phase engines, synchros and asynchronous generator. - Piston Compressors. - Piston pumps of rectilinear and alternative movement. - Pumps and centrifugal power compressors. - Hydraulic turbines. - Mechanical regulators for hydraulic turbines. - Fixed rotating dryers for continuous operation by hot air, steam, direct combustion. - Speed multipliers and reducers and so on. MECHANIZATION - Milling. - Turning. - Boring. - Keyways milling. - Axis threading of internal a...