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Our Services
Below there is a description of our main activities dealing with Diesel, Gas, Dual Fuel engines and Water Turbines.
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Preowned Power Plant Sales
  • Reconditioning & Overhauling.
  • Dismantling.
  • Labeling & packaging.
  • Craning.
  • Trucking.
  • OEM spares supply.
CHP-Cogeneration Power Plants
  • CHP-Cogeneration Systems.
  • Installation, Maintenance and repair of CHP-Cogeneration facilities.
Diesel & Gas Engines
  • Sales, Maintenance and repair of generator sets.
Reduction of NOx & SOx Polluting Gas Emissions.
  • Packing Towers.
  • Scrubbers.
  • Catalysts.
Engine Fuel Type Conversion
  • 100% Diesel to 100% Natural Gas conversion.
  • 25%-30% Diesel to 75%-70% Natural Gas conversion.
  • Natural Gas to Biogas, landfill, producer gas, propane, syngas conversion.
Biomass Power Plants
  • Gasification of Urban & Forest Biomass.
  • Design and feasibility plan.
  • Manufacture, Installation & Maintenance.
Water Turbines
  • Repairment of hidroelectric power stations.
  • Industrial maintenance of hidraulic power stations.
Maintenance and Repair of Industrial Machinery
  • Repair of specific machinery.
  • Mechanization.

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