Polluting Gas Reduction


Nowadays the new regulations regarding the polluting gas emissions of NOx and SOx (SO2, SO3) look forward the preservation of animal and vegetable life in our natural environment.

In the past, every country set its own requisites to be accomplished within their national borders. However, due to this new global market scene of seafright commerce that we live in, this formula seems no longer suitable. Despite the lack of consensus between the most industrialized countries for setting a global regulation frame, everyone is aware that polluting levels must decrease in order to keep our health and life expectancy levels. We are especially concerned with those highly industrialized areas in the southern Asia, that need to prevent from the acid rain and high sulfur levels near largely populated areas. Our aim is to promote prevention measures and help companies to develop a gas emission reduction plan by suggesting them proper solutions and taking effective measures against pollution. Thus, these strategies will allow them both commercial competitiveness and permanence within this new legal framework.

Reduction of NOx & SOx Polluting Gas Emissions.

– Packing Towers.
– L/G Scrubbers.
– Venturi Scrubbers.
– High Energy Washers.
– Catalysts.

Main applications

– Neutralization of high pollutant concentrations. Large specific contact surface between liquid and gaseous phases.
– Chemical absorption or neutralization of medium/high solubility gases, and for dust or liquid particle capitation (bigger than 10 micron).
– Agglomeration and mass increase of the solid particles.
– Tar and char content reduction for instance in CHP generating sets (natgas, biogas, propane, syngas and so on)

Other applications

Reduction of NOx, SO2, SO3 and SH2 content for any fuel or gas type engine by use of Urea, Ammonia, NaOH, Dolomite and other minerals. Thus, we obtain free N, CO2 and H2O with non-polluting features. This state-of-art technology has been proven highly effective in specific applications and reduces the budget costs considerably.