Engine Spare Parts

Available Engine Spares Parts & Tools

Ref No Units Make Item Description Condition Available
sp.028 16 MAN Full set of brand new engine valves for MAN 40/45 HFO engine In Stock
sp.027 3 DEUTZ Recon Cylinder Liners for DEUTZ TBG 632 In Stock
sp.026 1 Tecfred HRT 4-450 Cold Machine 10 kW 7000 BTU 230v 1355 rpm. Working Temp -40 up to 70ºC In Stock
sp.025 1 TOTEM Total Energy Module 15 kW JDG 160M2 Three-phase Asynchronous Generator. Converted to Syngas (10 kW). Isolation Canopy. In Stock
sp.024 GE Jenbacher Brand New & Recon Spare Parts for J320GS & J620GS Gas Engines. In Stock
sp.023 1 Heinzmann / Altronic Governor / Actuator HEINZMANN StG 30-01 for BasicSystem E 30.
In Stock
sp.022 2 Sulzer Recon Fuel Injection Pumps for Sulzer 40/48 In Stock
sp.021 2 Sulzer Set of Dismantling Tools incl. Hydraulic Jacks for Sulzer ZA40S In Stock
sp.019 1 Woodward Brand New UG-8 Dial Governor / Actuator incl. Manual and Test Record. In Stock
sp.018 1 Sulzer K55000 Recon Fuel Injection Pump suitable for SULZER ZL and ZV 40/48 type engines. In Stock
sp.017 1 Sazcue 2YE HFO Pump Drive. In Stock
sp.016 1 Elster G180 ON80 PN/ANSI10 HFO Pump Drive. In Stock
sp.015 1 Alconza D3159-4 Three-phase Asynchronous Electric Generator 180 kW. In Stock
sp.014 1 Sulzer Recon Cylinder head for SULZER S20-Type engines In Stock
sp.013 1 ABB TPS Casing and VTR 401-2 Gas Inlet Casing. In Stock
sp.012 2 ABB Reconditioned Turbochargers Type TPS 57 D01 In Stock
sp.011 1 Alfa Laval LOPX 709 SFD-34 Centrifuge Separator at 1500 rpm. In Stock
sp.010 1 Alfa Laval LOPX 705 SFD-34 Centrifuge Separator at 1500 rpm. Like new. Power Plant
sp.009 5 GDB Generators GDB-10/3500 3500 KVA at 600/500 rpm. 50 Hz. Power Plant
sp.008 2 Gedesco Transformers 1.250 KVA intake 25.000V. outtake 400V. (like new) Power Plant
sp.007 1 Gedesco Transformer 250 KVA intake 25.000V. outtake 380-220V. (10 years) Power Plant
sp.006 1 Hyundai Used HFC6 564 – 63K Generator 1360 KVA 380 Volts at 1000 rpm. 50 Hz. (6.000 hrs.) In Stock
sp.005 Sulzer Spare Parts for 8S20H HFO, Recon Crankshaft and Complete Set of Spares. Power Plant
sp.004 Sulzer Spare Parts for Sulzer 8S20H MDO, Used Crankshaft (6.000 hrs.) Power Plant
sp.003 MAN Brand New Spare Parts for MAN 16V 40/45, New Crankshaft. Power Plant
sp.002 MAN Brand New Spare Parts for MAN 18V 20/27 type engines. (Complete set) In Stock
sp.001 1 Sulzer K27000 Cylinder head for SULZER Z 40/48 type engines. In Stock