Biomass Power Plants

Biomass Power Plants

During the past few years our company has designed, manufactured and installed biomass gasification systems for the following power plants:

Biomass Power Plants

Camping Sant Llorenç de Morunys 100 kWe Wood Chips
CTFC – Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya 20 kWe Wood Chips
CTM – Centre Tecnològic de Manresa 20 kWt Cork Chips
Metalúrgica Riba, s.l. 10 kWe Wood Chips
Industrial Power Plants

Industrial Power Plants


During the past years our company has been providing installation, maintenance and overhauling services for industrial power plants located in Spain and Southern Europe including the following:

Auxiliar Textil Riba 900 KWe HFO
Ballús 1,2 MWe Diesel
Cogeneración Crevillentina A.I.E. 7 MWe HFO
Dresca 5 MWe Dual Fuel
E.D.A.R. de Manresa 250 kWe Bio-Gas
Embutidos Espina 500 kWe Natural Gas
Fibrarel, A.I.E. 6,5 MWe HFO
Fragmentadora Y Metales S.L. (Zaragoza) 5 MWe Diesel
Garrofeica 3 MWe Natural Gas
Gas-Energía 1,2 MWe HFO
Hispanotex 1,5 MWe HFO
Masnou (Barcelona) 5,5 MWe Natural Gas
Piscines Saugnier (Barcelona) 70 kWe Natural Gas
Puigneró, S.A. 30 MWe HFO
Puleva 33 MWe HFO
Rofeica 30 MWe HFO
TMB Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona 250 kWe Natural Gas
Urbaser (Barcelona) 100 kWe Natural Gas

Additional info:

30 MW. Power Plant running with 5x Sulzer 6ZL40/48 and 2x Sulzer 12ZV40/48 type engines in Sant Bartomeu del Grau (Barcelona), Spain.
Installation, commissioning, technical assessment, maintenance and repair for a power plant running with HFO heavy fuel oil .

14 MW. Power Plant running with 2x Wärtsilä VASA 16V32 in Bolzano (Alto Adige), Italy.
Reinstallation, commissioning, technical assessment, maintenance for a power plant running with palm oil.