Biomass Power Plants

During the past few years our company has designed, manufactured and installed biomass gasification systems for the following power plants: Biomass Power Plants COMPANY TOTAL OUTPUT FUEL Camping Sant Llorenç de Morunys 100 kWe Wood Chips CTFC - Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya 20 kWe Wood Chips CTM - Centre Tecnològic de Manresa 20 kWt Cork Chips Metalúrgica Riba, s.l. 10 kWe Wood Chips

Industrial Power Plants

During the past years our company has been proving installation, maintenance and repair services for industrial power plants located in Spain and Southern Europe including: COMPANY TOTAL OUTPUT FUEL Auxiliar Textil Riba 0,9 MWe HFO Ballús 1,2 MWe Diesel Crevillente 7 MWe HFO Dresca 5 MWe Dual Fuel Edar (Manresa) 250 kWe Bio-Gas Embutidos Espina 500 kWe Natural Gas Fibra Color 6,5 MWe HFO Fragmentadora de Metales 5 MWe Diesel Garrofeica 3 MWe Natural Gas Gas-Energía 1,2 MWe HFO Hispanotex 1,5 MWe HFO ...

CHP Cogeneration Power Plants

SERVICES FOR CHP-COGENERATION ENGINES - Cogeneration Engineering Services. - Installation & Commissioning. - Maintenance. - Repair. - Overhauling. - Reconditioning. - OEM Spare Parts supply. - Trading of used gensets. CHP-COGEN GENERATOR SET MAINTENANCE Lubrication oil analysis (scheduled weekly or monthly) according to the engine manufacturer. Fuel analysis before and after the purification process. Injectors. Filters replacement. Set of tappets for adjustment. Crank flexions. Disassembling and cleaning of water purifiers for oil and fuel. Viscometers checking. ...


Metalúrgica Riba, s.l. is a Barcelona, Spain-based company established in 1989 which is specialized in the sales and services (installation, maintenance and repair) for power plants, industrial and marine engines, diesel and gas generator sets and water turbines. Our engineering team has achieved a wide experience during more than thirty years in the designing of plant installation projects, the feasibility studies and the projects development for all types of power plants according to our client’s power generation and fuel consumption needs. During the past years our team has been k...

Polluting Gas Reduction

Nowadays the new regulations regarding the polluting gas emissions of NOx and SOx (SO2, SO3) look forward the preservation of animal and vegetable life in our natural environment. In the past, every country set its own requisites to be accomplished within their national borders. However, due to this new global market scene of seafright commerce that we live in, this formula seems no longer suitable. Despite the lack of consensus between the most industrialized countries for setting a global regulation frame, everyone is aware that polluting levels must decrease in order to keep our heal...

Engine Spare Parts

Available Engine Spares Parts & Tools Ref No Units Make Item Description Condition Available sp.028 16 MAN Full set of brand new engine valves for MAN 40/45 HFO engine In Stock sp.027 3 DEUTZ Recon Cylinder Liners for DEUTZ TBG 632 In Stock sp.026 1 Tecfred HRT 4-450 Cold Machine 10 kW 7000 BTU 230v 1355 rpm. Working Temp -40 up to 70ºC In Stock sp.025 1 TOTEM Total Energy Module 15 kW JDG 160M2 Three-phase Asynchronous Generator. Converted to Syngas (10 kW). Isolation Canopy. In Stock sp.024 - GE Jenbacher Brand New & Rec...

Used Generator Sets for sale

Ref No Units Make Type Output (each) Fuel Built Speed Frequency Condition Available gs.042 1 Perkins P1000 800 kW Diesel 1996 1500 rpm 50 Hz. Used gs.041 4 Dorman 16SETCWG 800 kW Natural Gas 1994 1500 rpm 50 Hz. Used gs.040 1 Caterpillar CAT 3512TA 770 kW Natural Gas 1997 1500 rpm 50 Hz. Used gs.039 1 Caterpillar CAT 3516 B 1500 kW Diesel - 1500 rpm 50 Hz. Used gs.038 1 Cummins - 50 KVA Diesel - 1500 rpm 60 Hz. Used gs.037 2 Cummins - 1120 KVA Diesel - 1500 rpm 60 Hz. Used gs.03...